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Welcome to the DET's Learning Management System or LMS. At this time; we are offering UBC Members the opportunity to participate in the 101 Constitution Program online. 

Please keep in mind that this course is currently only available to UBC Members. Logging in to the LMS should take just a few minutes. Click on the link below the UBC Shield that says "Click here to login at carpenters.org."

After clicking the link you will be redirected to the login page at carpenters.org, as shown below. Please note that this website is not linked to your District Council and will require that you establish a First Time user account if you have not previously visited carpenters.org. If you have taken any online courses with CITF, you already have an account and can log in using your carpenters.org credentials. 

Carpenters.org login


Please click the box pictured below (located below the Username and Password fields) to set up your account if this is your first time logging in. Please note that all information is cross checked against what is recorded in the Personify system. We recommend using your email address as your Username.

You will be sent an email to the address on file with Personify that will include a link to verify your email address and setup a new password.

Once you have setup your Password, you will be returned to the Login page. DO NOT save your password yet if prompted by your browser. Login using the Username and Password you have created. Once you submit your login information and are redirected, then go ahead and accept the Save Password prompt.

After you have logged in once, the site should store SSO Cookies on your internet browser allowing instant access in the future without the need to login. **If for any reason you are not returned to your LMS Dashboard, exit the screen and go to: ubc-det.carpenters.org

If you have previously set up an account but are having trouble logging in, use the "FORGOT USERNAME" or "FORGOT PASSWORD" link (shown below) and follow the directions to recover your information. You may also reset your password if you have forgotten it (shown below.)

If you run into any trouble with resetting your username or password, due to an email account that is no longer in use, please contact your District Council or Local Union Office to update your contact information which is recorded in the Personify system.

Thank you for your support!

UBC Department of Education & Training

Last modified: Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 10:38 AM